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  Our international team

Unser Team

From the start the owner, Stefan Weiland, has thought and acted internationally. In 1999 he visited the world´s biggest beekeeping fair, the "APIMONDIA", in Vancouver/Canada. There he established many solid business relationships that still last down to the present days.

Until these days our company has built exclusive structures of distribution/reselling/subsidiaries on almost every continent and in many countries on the world. They are directly supplied from Dresden. Currently the export share of our products lies over 60 %. The opening of the inner European borders and the new currency of the EURO around 2000, gave the company another push forward.

Respectively we have employed a multinational team. Dresden, a cosmopolitan city with an internationally reknown university and many multicultural reserach sites, is ideal to build a team of open-minded and highly skilled employees. Currently we are 15 employees coming from five different nations. Besides German and English we also speak Russian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Arab and French.

  That´s how we work

Since our founding 1999 in Dresden we develop and build our machines by ourselves - the components are mostly delivered by local enterprises in Saxony and Brandenburg. 16 years of market experience and a top rating in the apiculture business - thousands of satisfied customers worldwide use our machines, even under the most difficult conditions.

The development and manufacturing of our machines is done in our facilities in Dresden - "Made in Germany“.

Our machines are ideal for the partly and fully automatic bottling in small- and medium-sized apiaries, food- and cosmetic-manufacturies, farm shops and other direct-sellers, but also grandma's jam kitchen.

We maintain a close collaboration with our customers - exceptional solutions belong to our daily business. Besides, our solutions are often minimalist and limited to the most necessary. Parts that don't exist dont have to be payed and - very important in the food branch - don't have to be cleaned!

Our machines are designed modularly – mainly from the standard components (which are produced in series) we assemble a device which is tuned exactly to your medium. With an unbeatable price. Many different filling products can be bottled with one single machine just by changing single components. Thereby you save again. Challenge us!


We train and educate our team on several topics continously. Trainings by external lecturers or internal trainings from colleague to colleague - we learn the effective operation of our software, optimize our working processes, we work the way of new colleagues into our company intensively or inform ourselves about the state of the art.

Selected trainings are supported by the Europäische Sozialfond:


  The company´s history

February 1999 - Establishment as an engineering company in Dresden

March 2001 - Taking over the department "Beekeeping Technology" from "Joachim Weiland Werkzeugbau", our other family-owned business.

Not just since then, our two family-owned companies maintain a very close cooperation, escpecially regarding the development and manufacturing of our plastic components.

Followed by the continuous development of the beekeeping technology business (marketing of the NASSENHEIDER Evaporator as well as development, assembling and marketing of the honey bottler "Fill up". Development of other new products).

2001 - 2003 Cooperation with a construction company developing innovative solar panels.

Since 2003 - Further development of the honey bottler "Fill up" to be able to bottle many other liquids (liquid and creamy food and cosmetics), but also development of other own products. Registration of several patents.

2006 - After renovation of an old washhouse relocation in bigger production facilities at Dammweg 24 in Dresden - the base for new and more exciting developments in the filling sector.

January 2008 opening of our barrier-free holiday apartment:

November 2012 - We moved into bigger business premises at Leipziger Str. 33 in Dresden.

2014 - 12 permanent employees, thousands of national and international customers and a great amount of ideas for the future

January 2015 - our professional bottling machine "Fill up 3" comes onto the market. It offers more an more options right up to    fully automatic filling including filling below the surface level, capping, labeling etc.


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