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Unsere Kunden füllen nicht "nur" Honig ab. Die feinsten und verrücktesten Produkte werden durch NASSENHEIDER Abfüllmaschinen dosiert. Streifen Sie durch durch das vielfältige Angebot und lassen Sie sich inspirieren! Vielleicht wollten sie das eine oder andere Produkt ja schon immer mal probieren und ganz nebenbei nach Insiderinformationen über unsere Maschinen fragen...?


OASIS - natural cosmetics (Tunisia)

OASIS from Tunisia aims to bring back the ancient eastern knowledge of natural cosmetics. Together with local healers and herbalists they search for recipes, which have been forgotten for a long time. OASIS became a successfull start-up powered by mother natures gifts.

Most OASIS products are based on aloe and pickly pear extracs. For centuries African people have been appreciating the healing powers and the cosmetic benifits of these native plants.  

Native oils made from fruits and vegetalbles, are processed to body lotions and massage oils. All products are produced without any animal experiments and they are 100% vegan.

OASIS wants to pass on natures gifts to their customers - for your well-beeing, personal hygiene and beauty.

Have a look on their homepage:

Oleador: vegetable oils and greases for trading and the industries (Germany)

The certified manufacturer and importer of fine herbal oils only uses - whenever possible - certifiey organic ingredients.

Their various products include: argan oil, prickly pear oil, coffee oil, vanilla oil, pomegranate seed oil, black cumin oil, sesame-seed oil and mint oil.

As well, if you like to position yourselves with your own product on the market, Oleador encloses products with your own label.

Before we can enjoy a high quality product, many people worldwide become active.
Oleador commits to paying fair prices and to establish and keep reliable, long-term and fair commercial trading relations with their trading partners.

When you want do know more, please see their webpage:

Montaniola: the Swiss kitchen secret

With exquisite ingredients, love for the business, a well-founded knowledge about old recipes and how to make them a hit in the modern world: Montaniola just knows how to do it.

For many years the company creates the finest organic products - with the help of our ´Nassenheider Fill Up 2-Liquid´:

(not only) for gourmets in Switzerland and the EU.

A little introduction: traditional fine balm vinegars, cold-pressed oils and spice oils, gourmet's jellies made in the copper kettle, special kinds of honey, gourmet's salts and surprising, remarkable spices.

Visit their wonderful and informative web page:


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